Not truly one nation but instead seven allied territories, the Dukedoms are ruled by the Elves. Each Dukedom consists of a capitol city and its surrounding towns, and is ruled by the iron law of its Duke as well as the nearly universal and deeply ingrained Elven tradition of ancestral veneration.

Within these lands most races are at least tolerated, though every Dukedom holds a running bounty for the heads of humans and half-elves. In between these territories lie many smaller Unaligned villages and towns, which are generally tolerated, though some Dukedoms enforce taxation on threat of razing and enslavement.

The largest source of power – and, via trade, income – of the Dukedoms is alchemy, an art that is pursued and refined with an almost religious fervor. It could be argued that each Duke’s personal elite military forces, when combined, create what the Dukes certainly believe to be the greatest power in Midgard, but others believe that the strength of their soldiers comes from the alchemical compounds that are rationed among the enlisted to maintain enhanced abilities and addiction while minimizing side effects.

The Elves slip in and out of clashes and short-lived campaigns against the Caesium Legion, unwilling to tolerate the Legion’s constant raids, plundering of ships, and overall blatant contempt for the Dukes and their domains. Relations with the Kindred of Chaos are all but nonexistent, the Dukes seeing the tribes of the Kindred as irrelevant savages. Though most Elves spurn magic in favor of divine power and alchemical augmentation, they hold a grudging truce with the Conservatory Arcanum, as there are few willing to provoke the wrath of the magi. Faroe is regarded as a scattering of wasted minds and undisciplined fools, though trade is carried out with the Bulwark Archipelago even as the Legion preys upon any merchant vessels their Privateers encounter. Distant Svalbard is rarely thought of, and the Dukes consider it a tainted continent populated by those who rush headlong into brutal and meaningless death.

There are a total of seven Dukedoms, each named after its ruler: Ahvaland, Austur, Caiel, Eluael, Nerhein, Suvain, and Vayeul.

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