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Donar was the Vanished God with the greatest battle prowess and physical might. He is described in legend as appearing as a tall and heavily muscled man with red hair and beard, wielding a war hammer. During Ragnarok, he slew and was slain in turn by the great serpent Jormundgandr, but was dragged back from the brink of Valhalla by Ziu. He was the God who created the New Realm of Vanaheim and chose the aelf as his Curator Race.

Frouwa was the Vanished God with the greatest intellect and magical expertise. She is described in legend as appearing as a beautiful woman with blond hair and ice-blue eyes, clad in vestments of shifting iridescent steel. She was the only God who was not slain during Ragnarok, and slew both Fenrir and Garmr to avenge her fallen brothers before their return from death. She was the only God who did not create a New Realm, instead weaving the magic that held the New Realms together and placing the moon, sun and stars in the sky.

Wotan was the leader of the Vanished Gods, and the possessor of the greatest wisdom and charisma. He is described in legend as appearing as a middle-aged man with a long white beard, wearing a dark cloak and holding a staff of ash wood. During Ragnarok, he was slain by the great wolf Fenrir, but was dragged back from the brink of Valhalla by Ziu. He was the God who created the New Realm of Midgard and chose the humans as his Curator Race.

Ziu was the Vanished God with the greatest cunning and tactical expertise. He is described in legend as appearing as a young man with long black hair and wild eyes clad in nothing but rags. During Ragnarok, Ziu was slain by the great wolf Garmr, brother to Fenrir, but he pulled himself back from the brink of Valhalla through sheer willpower, bringing his fallen brothers Donar and Wotan back with him. He was the God who created the New Realm of Jotunheim and chose the giants as his Curator Race.


Domains: Power, domination, leadership
Incarnation: A humanoid figure cloaked in roaring flames
Power is truth, and those who fail to seek it do not deserve it.
Asmodeus is the great flame that fuels the mighty, the hand around the throats of the unworthy. He is the will to lead, the drive toward greatness, the resolve to mold the world in one’s own image, the understanding that history is written by the victors.

Domains: Change, trade, travel
Incarnation: A woman whose appearance and clothes are constantly changing
Take control of your future, and it will carry you far.
Avandra is the beating wing of the fly that causes hurricanes on the other side of the world, the single word that jars the mind free of complacency. She is the patron of trade and all things that bring change. Her servants wander the roads, keeping them intact to ensure those seeking new horizons may arrive there safely.

Domains: Justice, honor, nobility
Incarnation: A great dragon with platinum scales
Through duty, the world may be maintained.
One of the two Dragon Gods who are respected if not directly worshiped by all dragonborn. Bahamut is the righter of wrongs, the duty to the greater good. He is the iron jaw that consumes the unjust, the betrayers, the agents of chaos.

Domains: War, conquest, glory
Incarnation: A warrior in black armor with a serrated great sword
The cries of prey shall guide infinite blades to joy.
Bane is the lord of those who would seek glory through conquest, who live for thrill of the battlefield: the hail of arrows felling an ill-planned ambush, the flanking force that leads fifty warriors to victory against three hundred. He is the joy of war without end.

corellon.png CORELLON
Domains: Arcane magic, beauty, the fey
Incarnation: A tall androgynous figure naked but for many multicolored rings
By our will, those who seek the hidden colors shall find them.
What lies beyond the physical lies in the palm of Corellon. The forces that direct the flow of the world against its desires, the bolts of light that rend earth and flesh with grace enough to make one shiver in pleasure. Corellon is genderless, for how can one give gender to a color? The fey in particular revere the many-colored one for teaching them the ancient secrets to create their own world.

Domains: Civilization, invention, law
Incarnation: A woman in silver armor wielding a shining scepter
The days of shining law will return. This, we swear.
Much-loved by the elves, Erathis is that which binds; she is the builder of gates and of walls, the emissary of pure and just law. Many revere her, but there are few in her service: they are those who enforce the will of the divine law where the laws of mortals fail.

Domains: Chaos, destruction, growth
Incarnation: A gigantic figure whose skin color shifts and swirls
All exists in this world, and so exists all of the nothing it was and will again be.
Patron god of the orc clans, Gruumsh is seen by many as the god of brutes and savagery. As the embodiment of natural law and the cycles of creation and destruction, he stands opposed to Erathis. Outside of the orc clans, little is known of the god of chaos’s true nature, and there are few who care to learn.

Domains: Knowledge, logic, skill
Incarnation: A robed woman carrying a massive golden tome
Stained in blood and ink, we will fight unto death to preserve what is known.
In this world where knowledge is dust and history less still, Ioun and her followers struggle endlessly to find and record as much of it as possible. In hidden places it is said that they gather to give unto the Goddess, to build upon her eternal libraries and to practice and record all of the arts of the world: the brush, the word, the blade, the tongue. It is said also that the Silver Lady’s blessings fall upon those who pursue truth and mastery for the sake of truth and mastery themselves.

Domains: Battle, storms, strength
Incarnation: A gold-clad man crackling with electricity wielding a great axe
Only in the thunder of battle may we come to know who we are.
The patron, even if not worshiped directly, of all warriors, those of the fist, the blade, the axe, the chant, the spell, the spirit, the song, the mind, the heart. Though it is battles of life and death that Kord is most usually associated with, and certainly the god of storms and strength celebrates such, the god of battle views every struggle through the storms of life as equally valuable, be it an internal war against one’s own demons, the battle of a sickly child to remain standing, the struggle to reject the influence of others and follow one’s own true chosen path no matter the cost. He is beloved by Dwarves, a race forged in both war, tragedy, and calamity; he is the refusal to give up, even the strength to accept failure and fight on.

Domains: Shadows, manipulation, intellect
Incarnation: A many-armed woman cloaked in shadows
Shadow is merely an absence of light, and the mind is its sharpest spear.
Though ironically few now follow her in the Days of the Long Night, the Lady of Shadows is nonetheless venerated, if not in secret then quietly at least, for she is the beacon of all those with power beyond explanation. To Lolth, the mind lies above all else, and she is the patron of those who see that shadow exists to be explored, if never illuminated. Those who play the long game in their lives are particularly favored, and in the hidden shrines not found in cities and civilized temples, those seeking mastery over unshackled minds hone the craft of thought as power, of the will and thought that can change the world simply by existing.

melora.png MELORA
Domains: Wilderness, sea, nature
Incarnation: A nude woman soaked in sea water wearing a crown of vines
The primal is all that is, and the blood of the world calls for its birthright.
The sea that swallows life with its wrath, the ocean swell carrying a drowning sailor to salvation. The root that trips and the tree bearing fruit. The starving wolf that sates its hunger, the silver stag lighting the way in a dark wood. The earth that groans beneath the weight of cities, the sky that weeps for its loss, the sea that rages against the Legion that would abuse its surface. Of all existences it is said that Melora is closest among all gods to the spirits of the elements and the world itself, filled with love for all life and joy at cleansing the enemies of her domains. Those who worship her are ones who live far from civilization, the primal at heart if not by intrinsic nature.

Domains: Creation, artisans, family
Incarnation: A small, stout man with an iron hammer
Family is what is earned and held close, and the world awaits the gifts of our labors .
Best known in the far East, the Humble Father lends his favor to the makers of the world; it is said that his hammer forges and holds the bonds between lives, raises the walls to keep madness at bay, and demands nothing in return but the promise to give unto the world whatever it is that one may bring into being. Moradin, the crimson of the coin whose other side is steel and thunder, the god of the hearth. Particularly revered by the Dwarves and all builders of the world, he is the rhythm of the beating heart and the anvil that accepts what blood is given and does not fail to repay the offering.

Domains: Light, agriculture, decay
Incarnation: A humanoid figure shining with unbearably bright light
To grow, so must we wither. To take, so must we give.
Pelor is the blazing light that heals and burns, the price paid and that which is received. Creation through destruction, destruction through creation. He is the blinding and unfaltering truth, the stark illumination of shadow. Pelor is the acceptance of purification through pain.

Domains: Death, fate, winter
Incarnation: A woman in gray robes surrounded by swirling cold air
The Gates will stand. The threads of fate will not be harmed.
The Raven Queen is the guide to the dead, the guardian of the great gate through which souls begin their journey to Valhalla. She is winter, where the flames of life have faded to reveal the pure and blinding snow of the soul.

Domains: Love, twilight, autumn
Incarnation: A dark-skinned woman covered in bright jewelery
The ephemeral is the real. Enlightened, we treasure that which is soon to disappear.
Less is known of the Goddess of Twilight than many others who dwell in the heavens, but what is known is that she is the beauty of not the end but the path that leads to it. Sehanine is celebration of mortality, of states of transformation, the mistress of the in-between. There is no holy order for followers of the twilight, for there is no need for one at all, though many come to understand the beauty of the suns of their lives as they begin to slide below the horizon.

Domains: Oblivion, madness, freedom
Incarnation: A hulking, blurred creature weighed down by heavy chains
The endless lies before us. We will not be bound.
Tharizdun rules over the void, the unknowable, the outer darkness and the inner darkness. He is the watcher over oblivion, freedom from pain, fear, law, oppression, imprisonment, and even the restrictions of sanity. He is the key that releases all that binds and all who are bound.

Domains: Wealth, vengeance, independence
Incarnation: A great dragon with shining rainbow-colored scales
Through bettering ourselves, so may the world be bettered.
One of the two Dragon Gods who are respected if not directly worshiped by all dragonborn.
Tiamat is the celebration of the self, the hoarder of any thing or concept with value. She is the steel claw that tears apart fools, the deluded, the self-righteous.

Domains: Choice, earth, exploration
Incarnation: A many-limbed, faceless metallic creature
We would die with our eyes open rather than live with them closed.
Torog protects the deep places, the champion of all who war against the Wilding. He is the eye kept on the hopeless, the faceless lord who stands watch over those who are trapped and held down. He is the door that waits to be opened by those who would give everything to see what is on the other side.

Domains: Soul, secrets, suffering
Incarnation: A gaunt, one-eyed, one-handed man in crimson robes
The secrets of life and death lie beyond our pain. There is so much of us to spend.
A figure considered by many to be even more fearful than the lady of winter herself, it is said among Vecna’s own followers that their lord was born a mortal, a powerful wielder of strange magics who once peered into the essence of the soul, whose own endless thirst lifted him to fill an empty seat in the heavens. Pain is but a part of life, and pain is the price of the deepest truths. Though some presume him to be at odds with Lolth, who shares similar dreams, followers of Vecna know that the two consider one another kith and kin. Believing that salvation lies in darkness and not in light, in ice and not in fire, those who revere the Maimed Scholar pursue their craft through the shadows, choosing not to walk in the light lest their souls be washed away by its brutal tide.

Domains: Night, poison, solitude
Incarnation: A shapeless, amorphous shadow
Nameless, we feel no regret, for the night shall never forget its own.
None live in dedication to Zehir, who desires no priesthood, no glory, but only that the lost may find a home beneath the dim light of the stars. Those outcast by others or themselves, those unwanted, those who desire naught, those who would see the lies of of the sun die with its poisons turned against it, may carry the symbol of the black star on their person, and these wiser pilgrims of the lonesome roads carry also the silent favor of the god of the shunned.


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