I’ve put a lot of work into this campaign (and campaign world), and I plan to continue refining it as we go along. My main goals as GM are to:

  • Make sure that everyone, myself included, is having fun
  • Craft an engaging world and story that holds interest and has room for growth and exploration
  • Ensure the players have something to fear at all times

In creating my own campaign world, I have obviously thrown out much or changed of the tone and world information contained within 4ed’s core rulebooks. Yeah, it’s weird; sorry, not sorry. This is a world largely of my own invention, albeit inspired (as is everything created, naturally) by many other worlds, games and works of fiction.

It is my intention to run a world that is relatively unique and also as believable as possible within the general expectations of fantasy, particularly in character motivations, the brutal nature of life and harshness of reality, and the ambiguity of characters’ actions and ethics. This is a morally gray world spiraling deeper and deeper into darkness. Little is as it seems, and even the worst villain has some humanity and motivations that at the very least make sense in context.

One thing to note in particular is the changes made to the Pantheon. These are the gods you know from D&D, but they are not the gods you know.

Welcome to a 4E campaign converted to FATE. This ought to be interesting.

— the DM


Midgard: Years of the Long Night MalkuthSephira