• Currency Changes
    Gold crowns (1 gp equivalent)
    Silver marks (8 = 1 gp)
    Pewter pennies (8 = 1 mark / 64 = 1 gp)
  • Language Details
    Aelfin [Normally Unavailable], Common1, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant [Deva and Goliaths only], Human, Frontier1, Infernal2, Primordial3, Supernal2

1 Strong dialects of the same language. Can know only one but speak reasonably with the other, though many nuances of speech may be lost. Enough time spent around whichever of Common and Frontier you don’t “speak” will gain you fluency with the dialect at no cost.

2 Supernal, the language of the fire and light spirits of Muspelheim. Must be reasonably justified.

2 Infernal, the language of the cold and dark spirits of Niflheim. Must be reasonably justified.

3 The ability to commune with the elementals that exist in the material world. Requires one of the following: primal power source, history with the Kindred of Chaos, or highly extensive, lengthy, and reasonably justified study.


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