Kindred of Chaos


Though they consider themselves equal to any self-proclaimed “nation,” the Kindred consist of a large number of small, semi-nomadic clans consisting mainly of Orcs, though in rare cases, members of other races who wish to join with a Kindred clan permanently may be accepted if they can prove their devotion to the Shield of Stone, the war against the Wilding, and the general preservation and defense of unmarred nature, as well as personal abilities or qualities of worth to the clan and the greater cause.

Each clan differs from others in ways that may be subtle or significant, but all are Kindred, and all serve the primal Chaos and its steward Gruumsh, the patron god of all Orcs ; therefore warring among clans is almost unheard of, a terrible thing of enormous proportions only taking place when the most dire of tragedies occurs: a clan being lost to the Wilding, irretrievable and with no fate remaining but to be purged.

While all Kindred must serve and revere their patron god, it is uncommon but far from unheard of for clans or clan members to give worship to other deities, though Erathis is universally reviled and her followers are considered to be foes and are not tolerated near the Shield or the forests and plains in its immediate vicinity.

No clan is lead by a single Kindred but instead by discussion and loose democratic referendum, though the opinions of elders and shamans (either those drawing from the primal or the divine) are greatly respected, their words often influencing or even outright changing the opinions of clan members attending councils.

Distant from most nations but the Dukedoms and many homes of the Unaligned, there is little that the Kindred give attention apart from their duty to natural chaos, those Elves who find themselves desiring of the heads of “savages,” and occasionally Unaligned villages that find themselves besieged by the Wilding. The clans hear only rumors of far-off Faroe and the unthinkably geographically removed Svalbard, but they respect the fierce independence of the isles and consider the warriors of The Frontier to be distant brothers and sisters in the eternal battle against the Wilding and its twisted spawn.

Wary of the dangers of magic, most clan members with power beyond the physical earn it through devotion to Gruumsh or other deities, or equally if not more commonly, through connections to the primal world and the elements.

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Kindred of Chaos

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