Conservatory Arcanum


Magic, enchantment, spell-weaving, the arts of the arcane: whatever one chooses to call it, the Conservatory exists to study, preserve, and practice its every detail. This place, formed when, sick of the misguided laziness of the Elves and unneeded in Svalbard where The Reclaimed perform their own experiments, a large contingent of spellcasters banded together, renovated and exponentially expanded upon an ancient library once maintained by a strange alliance of followers of Ioun, Corellon, and Vecna, made of it an academy for those with the desire to learn of and educate others on the endless mysteries and beauties of the arcane energies intrinsic to all life and perhaps even all of existence, and then, when threatened by an aggressive southeastern push by the magic-reviling Duke Suvain, laid waste to those attempting to menace their sanctuary and finally declared their status as a full-fledged nation of their own.

Though the Conservatory’s lands surrounding the structure itself are small compared to other nations, they are well-protected by elite spellcasters who ward their villages closely, screen outsiders seeking entry, and do not hesitate to send any foolish enough to assail them screaming to the gates of the Endworld.

However, for those who thirst for knowledge and all things arcane, the Conservatory is a dream brought to life, a homeland where every single fellow citizen is in some way a wielder of magic, and though new citizens are required to prove basic aptitude and are subject to much questioning, once deemed worthy these seekers of lore are welcomed almost as though they are new members of one massive family.

Virtually all those belonging to the Conservatory revere or at least hold a deep respect for Corellon and Ioun, and though some find the much smaller portion of the populace who pledge their allegiance to the oft-mistrusted Vecna to be unsettling at best and worrisome at worst, they are not considered to be less deserving of their citizenship than any other wielders of the arcane.

Relations with the Dukedoms are forever tense and the Conservatory is loathed by Duke Suvain and many living within his lands, but neither nation desires war, and since that first dire confrontation there do not seem to have been any further military actions by either the Elves or the mages. Trade with the Heartland Isles helps to keep the Conservatory prosperous, the lorekeepers producing and selling enchanted items and buying provisions as well as artifacts discovered by the Halflings and others in that place where the world is believed, long before the Moonfall, to have been torn in half by what must have been an even more terrible and unfathomable calamity. The Conservatory tends to ignore every other nation of Midgard, and even all but the most brash and suicidal of the Caesium Legion do not dare to kindle their wrath.

The Conservatory hold their deeper secrets far from the eyes and ears of the rest of Midgard, and outside the barriers of their territory, not much is known of their ways apart from these basic facts.

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Conservatory Arcanum

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